A Jira is a popular software among software engineers for bug-tracking and project management. It was released in 2002 and written in java language. It is used by a large and small team for managing, leading, building, planning, and simply releasing great software. It has four packages- Jira work management, Jira Software, Jira service management, and Jira align. How to install the software, configuration process, and many things you learn from

 jira training online.

What we learn during the 

Jira Training


  • There are several topics that you learn from this training. This comprehensive training covers the Jira installation process, configuration workflows, downloading Jira software, and working, user management, and scrum projects.
  • You know the various feature of the Jira software. You also learn how to track the project from Jira software and learn JIRA workflow Administration.
  • Learn the different types of plug-in and how to use in the software.
  • From this training, you can plan your project, project's capacity and track your project.

 Schedule of

 Jira Training


1-Learn the Agile Scrum:-

  • What is Agile scrum and its principle?
  • Scrum rules and Ceremonies of Scrum.
  • Advantages of Scrum and daily meetings.
  • Scrum team and Scrum board.
  • What is Sprint planning, Sprint Cycle, and backlog content?

2-Information about Jira software:-

  • What is Jira software and its advantages?
  • How to download the Jira software and how to download it from the official website.
  • Process of installation of the software on Windows and Linux.
  • Learn workflow and create the project.
  • About User Stories/Issues on Jira software.

3-Learn the basic activity of Jira software from 

Jira Training


  • Create the issue on Jira software for the project.
  • Attaching the screenshot and file.
  • Learn the clone.
  • Process of labeling and links the issue.
  •  What is Modifying and Moving Issues in Jira?
  • Editing, Emailing, logging work and schedule an issue.
  • Learn the setting security, change the issue's history, create issues, watching and voting on an issue.

4-Learn the Jira dashboard:-

  • About Issue Navigator.
  • Handle the project from Jira software.
  • Learn and understand the report, basic and advanced features.
  • Learn saved search.

5- A detailed description of the Jira agile methodology.

  • Learn setup stories, Agile projects.
  • How will you monitor the scripts?
  • Several examples of scrum board.

6- Jira user and project management

  • Create the project, manage the project and version, and component in Jira.
  • Learn setting, permission email and other notifications.
  • Managing, Migrating the Users, Groups and Roles in Jira.

7- Learn workflow administration:-

  • Basic configuring, example and concept of workflow.
  • Custom field and Mandatory field in Jira.
  • Learn the function like-translation, condition, and post.
  • Issue resolution in Jira.

8- Learn Jira plug-in, installation and configuration:-

  •  What is Test issues and report?
  • A detailed description of Confluence.
  • How will add image and heading in Jira on the page?
  • Creating, handling, and running sets test cycles.

Benefits of Jira certification from

 jira training online

:- After completing the training, you will be able to handle the Jira software like - installation, configuration, mange and how to use it?, and many things.From this training, you will crack the exam and learn various things from this Jira Tutorial.